The Public Enterprise City Parking- Skopje currently works on the process of implementation of the project “Electric Vehicles” which is also known as “The Green Project” which includes new bicycles and electric vehicles. This phase of implementation includes the Electric vehicles i.e. CITY ELECTRO MOBIL which is important novelty for the enterprise and for the City of Skopje and the citizens as well.

The enterprise purchased 5 (five) electric vehicles. The primary aim of the project is to raise the eco-sense among the citizens and to organize guided tours in Skopje. The electric vehicles will enable every citizen and visitor of Skopje to go on a sightseeing tour of the tourist locations which are adjacent to the parking lot on Square Macedonia, where the electric vehicles can be rented from. Moreover, the sightseeing tours will be organized with a tourist guide also.

The project will probably start on 1st of April, 2014, depending on the weather conditions.

 The details about the price and the terms of use and renting will be additionally published on our web site.