The Public Enterprise City Parking- Skopje started and continuously works on activities in the frames of implementation of trainings, seminars and workshops which is one of the priorities of the enterprise. 
These activities are for all Heads of departments as well as for the employee in every department and unit in the enterprise, and take place according to the need, the prior knowledge and the readiness of staff. The trainings include presentation and analysis of the main concepts that are subject of the certain training, as well as presentation of the necessary steps of their implementation.
The aim of the enterprise, by the trainings that have taken place in the Customer Service Unit, is to meet the citizens’ demands and to fulfil their requirements efficiently. Another aim of the enterprise is met by sending the employees on seminars and workshops that are closely connect to topics of finance, accounting, public procurement, law-administrative procedure and human resources. The staff in the Towing Sector is not excluded from trainings as well. They are subject to trainings for management and steer of towing vehicles.
Moreover, the trainings improve the communicative skills of the employees in the enterprise, which directly enhances the quality of the supplied communal service to the citizens.
The enhancement of our work is evident and necessary to follow the standard of quality which has been imposed by the quality certificate that the enterprise acquired last year. 
The Public Enterprise City Parking- Skopje is serious enterprise and it is dedicated to implementation of novelties and developments in the area of the parking business and with that aim, we are all the time present on workshops, fairs and conferences that take place in our country as well as abroad. The enterprise, as socially responsible enterprise supports these activities in the frame of its working process and professional development.