Our Mission

Our mission is to meet the aspirations of the citizens and to solve every parking problem on the territory of the City of Skopje, efficiently and effectively. Acting that way and through the process of ensuring equitable parking for everyone, in the same time, we manage to maintain the cleanness of the parking lots we operate. With the Public Enterprise City Parking- Skopje getting parking place becomes easier!

Our Vision

We are public enterprise dedicated to development, maintenance and improvement of the quality of the services we offer and we continuously strive to ensure parking place for the citizens and for people who need that. Our desire to achieve the high standards in the parking process is our base for our current and future development and for implementation of effective innovations.  We continue to move on the path of the success that would justify the confidence among the citizens as we become trusted enterprise and prominent provider of parking services with a great deal of car parks on the territory of City of Skopje. 

Our Aim

The aim of the Public Enterprise City Parking- Skopje is to meet the aspiration of the citizens and to contribute to the common good of everyone, with an accent on the environment. Working on a great deal on the territory of Skopje, our aim is to raise the traffic sense of the citizens, especially when parking, by eliminating their bad habit of converting the sidewalks as well as the pedestrian walks from pedestrian into parking zones. In the same time, the excellent location of the parking lots, the parking zones and the parking garage justify our aim to contribute to significant reduction of traffic jam on the territory of Skopje. Simply, more parking places for everyone!