Rent a bike


About the project

The project "Rent a Bike" was created in collaboration with the City of Skopje, the Public Enterprise City Parking- Skopje and the Citizen's Association Eco- Sense, on 18th July, 2010.
The aim of the implementation of the project was to raise the eco-sense among the citizens and to encourage them to use a bike as a mean of transport. Moreover, the aim of the project is to make people use the bikes for their tourist and recreational purpose as well as to contribute to the environmental protection.

The Public Enterprise City Parking- Skopje has at disposal 120 (one hundred and twenty bikes) bikes.


Bikes can be rent at 4 (four) locations:

  • At parking lot Treska
  • At parking lot City Hospital "Mother Teresa"
  • At parking lot City Hospital "8th of September"
  • At parking lot D3- behind Business Center Biser- Municipality of Aerodrom

The number of locations where the customers and the tourists can rent a bike depends on the need for the service and it will increase in future in accordance with the interest of renting a bike. Also, the Enterprise anticipates purchasing new bikes, two-seater bikes and implementing membership (monthly and annual membership) that will gain privilege to the users in renting a bike.

Interesting fact is that the bike that you have rented on one location you shall return it to another. For example, if you rent a bike from the parking lot in Municipality of Aerodrom, you can return the bike on the parking lot Treska.

Working time

The project rent a bike is in function 6-7 (six to seven) months in the year. It starts in spring, depending on the weather conditions, and it finishes on 31st October every year. For the start and the end of the project, the Enterprise informs the citizens through the media.

Price list

For any further information about the price list, please follow the link.