Parking zones

How to pay

When you park your car on one of the parking zones you can pay by:

  • 1. SMS:

- To start the parking: Send SMS to 144 144. The text message must include the parking zone number and the car license number:

Number the zone   space   car license number

Ex. Acceptable:      А3___ SK1234AB

Ex. Unacceptable: A3 SK-1234-AB

                                       A3 SK___ 1234___AB

After you send the message please wait until you get return message: „“Your car SK1234AB is parked in zone A3 until 12:00”, which is correct message and you will be properly charged.

IMPORTANT! Do not leave the parking lot until you get the return message and check if you have received it. If you receive return message: “Your car SK1234AB is not parked in zone A3”, please contact the call center of the Public Enterprise City Parking- Skopje. Otherwise, the Public Enterprise City Parking- Skopje does not take on responsibility.

- To stop the parking: send SMS to 144 144 with text: “S”


Ex. Acceptable:                                                                                Ex. Unacceptable:

           „S“                                                                           „СТОП“            „KRAJ“            „STOP“

Text messages with text: “STOP”, “END”, etc. are not acceptable!
After you send SMS, please wait until you receive return message:
“Parking stopped on 25.01.2014 at 12:30. Parking fee: 45 MKD”

** The SMS fee is according to the pricelist of your mobile operator.
** You must send SMS only from Macedonian pre-paid or post-paid number.

  • 2. With parking ticket i.e. scratch card

If you decide to regulate your parking with parking ticket, all you have to do is:

- Go to the nearest store and buy your parking ticket.
- Scratch the circles proper to your minutes, hours, date and month of parking.
- Place the ticket on the windscreen of your car.


The ticket must be placed on the windscreen to be clearly visible.

Otherwise, not displaying or irregular use of the parking ticket is subject to sanctions prone to the “Decision on Public Parking Lots” (advertised in Official Gazette of Republic of Macedonia, No. 17/8)

When the user has not paid the parking fee is subject to sanctions i.e. clamping in force, prone to the “Decision on Public Parking Lots” (advertised in Official Gazette of Republic of Macedonia, No. 17/8).